Exterior surface insulating is divided into two categories.

A) Walls and vertical surfaces

B) Terrace, slab and tiles

First of all, one thing is for sure. With determination and the materials of COSMOCHROME you can achieve it.

A) For the masonry we choose either acrylic paint or insulation of vertical surfaces, or the new HYBRID. But first we need to seal any cracks or capillary cracks. Acrylic putties or silicone arrive. Then follows the priming with acrylic water or solvent primer. Then comes the application of the paint with a good roll and cuts where needed. Pay attention to the correct order and the intervals and of course the weather. We do not want rain or humidity.

B) For the roof insulating simple or hybrid is what is needed. But here too you have to seal cracks and capillaries and prime. But first you have to clean and wash the surface well. Then one coat of primer and two coats of paint crosswise. We leave almost 24 hours between applications. Do not be afraid, with the quality materials of COSMOCHROME you will succeed. Pay attention to the weather conditions here as well.