Frequently asked questions

This problem is common and occurs in many old houses, mainly because the plastic paint does not adhere to the “glue” or lime. To repair the damaged surface, we must first rub it and clean it well to remove the remnants of paint and the “swellings” that may have been created. Then plaster – if and where necessary – and prim with a coat of COSMODUR solvent primer. Finally, apply one or two coats of FIXER PAINTING PAINT.

If the humidity that has occurred is due to a damage to the plumbing of the house, then the damage must be repaired and after drying the surface to proceed to its correction and painting. There is also a case due to internal humidity created by the difference between the outside temperature of the environment and the inside of the house. This usually occurs in older structures where the masonry insulation material has been damaged over time. In both cases, after cleaning the surface with a very dilute solution of bleach in water, primer locally or on the entire surface with COSMODUR and paint both hands with ANTI-MOLD PLASTIC PAINT FIXER or PLASTIC PAINT.

This phenomenon occurs in applications where we have used solvent varnish, and its resin is alkyd based. The chemical behavior of these resins, especially when there is insufficient lighting and ventilation, is their intense yellowing, as a result of which they affect the color of the product. To avoid the above phenomenon we can apply the water-soluble range of EUROLAC varnishes, with acrylic-based water resins. After first applying the special substrate, WATER PRIMER OF MULTIPLE APPLICATIONS, then we paint with EUROLAC WATER PAINT. EUROLAC is also applied over solvent based paints.

One of the biggest problems in a house is the phenomenon of increased humidity on the walls and ceilings. This phenomenon becomes more intense in the northern walls of the house where the rain falls perpendicular to the surface making it easier to penetrate. To prevent and stop the problem, when the surface is new, we should apply a coat of COSMODUR solvent primer and then apply PAINT AND ANTIGREX VERTICAL SURFACE INSULATION. For painted surfaces, repaint one or two coats with ANTIGREX VERTICAL SURFACE INSULATION without priming. This way we waterproof the surface and do not allow moisture to penetrate inside, while at the same time it “breathes”.

Both applications are correct. It always depends on the time and money we have. The first method, traditional, is a little more expensive but more complete, giving guaranteed protection to the metal surface to be applied. 3 in 1 products require experienced and specialized technical staff. COSMOCHROME has managed to create a product called X-RUST, which offers absolute protection of the surface from oxidation, low cost and at the same time easy and fast application.

If on the surface we want to paint we have previously applied “glue” or lime, we need to use a solvent primer COSMODUR one hand. For older painted surfaces with plastic paint, no priming is needed, but we can directly repaint two coats with PLASTIC PAINT. On new exterior surfaces we must first apply one coat of COSMODUR solvent primer and then one or two coats of EURACRYL ACRYLIC 100%. On new interior surfaces, apply one coat of water-soluble COSMOMDUR and then one or two coats of PLASTIC PAINT.