The decision to paint your home internally (kitchen, living room, bedrooms, bathroom, etc.) alone should set your mood. With a little effort and a lot of imagination you change your spaces and at the same time your psychology. Decide alone or with friends the shades you like and get to work.

In addition to COSMOCHROME colors, you will also need the right tools. Roller, small and large brush, spatula, nylon to cover the furniture, tapes, etc. Attention to detail for an excellent result, first of all with the films and the nylon you cover furniture and insulate sockets, doors, casings, etc. Then if you need sanding, plastering or priming you look for these products and apply them.

Then comes the color you have chosen. you always start from the ceiling. Then you make the cuts on the walls with a brush and paint the rest of the surface with a roller. Do not forget the doors. With a white or colored water repo they will become perfect. The satisfaction when you finish is great. You will feel happy that you so easily painted with the colors of COSMOCHROME.